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20 Feb 2023
Michigan War Studies Review Farewell
By editor James P. Holoka
Descriptors: Volume 2023

The Michigan War Studies Review was founded by James P. Holoka in 2005. It began as a resource for Michigan scholars to showcase their work. But already in those early years, the Review began to publish items written by contributors throughout the United States and abroad. The site continued to expand, requiring a revamp to the Review’s interface in 2011 by graphic designer Christian Holoka.

The year 2012 was a lucky one for editor Holoka: two highly qualified associate editors assumed key responsibilities in producing the Review. Jonathan Beard agreed to cast his sharp editorial eye over all the reviews submitted since 2012. And Elizabeth Foster took over the search for reviewers—both within and especially outside the United States—who were best suited to write on specific topics. In so doing, she singlehandedly internationalized the Review.

Though the Michigan War Studies Review has ceased publication, its eighteen years of output (some 1450 items) will live on in this meticulous archive of fascinating materials.


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